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some knowledge about fire emergency lighting

Zhixiang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.    some knowledge about fire emergency lighting

fire emergency lighting refers to an electrical appliance that can ensure lighting and provide luminous help for personnel to escape in the event of a fire accident without an external power supply! It usually uses an external power supply to supply power, and automatically switches to the use state when the power is off! In general, high-rise buildings/shopping malls/entertainment venues and other densely populated places will be equipped with emergency lights. Let's talk about the problems that should be paid attention to when wiring emergency lights, as well as the problems of installation and maintenance.

Several common wiring methods for emergency lights have been found in daily supervision and inspection. It is common that emergency lighting lamps cannot be used normally due to wrong wiring methods.

  : Let's take a look at the matters needing attention:

1. For projects with a fire control center, in order to meet the requirements of fire control center to open fire emergency lighting in the fire floor and related floors when a fire occurs.

2. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no elimination and control center, the emergency lighting lamps in each part can be controlled by local switch (single lamp single control or multi-lamp control) or three-wire connection with centralized control in the distribution box.

3. If emergency lighting is used as part of normal lighting, three-wire controllable connection shall be adopted.

4, the characteristics of various wiring methods to accurately grasp, so as to avoid blind wiring, can not play a role.

 In addition to the above precautions, attention should also be paid to the installation and maintenance of emergency lights:

1. In the engineering design, in order to facilitate the maintenance and management at ordinary times, the fire emergency lighting should be powered by a special feed circuit according to the floor.

2. In order to ensure the reliability of the power supply for fire emergency lighting, the low-voltage emergency bus section of the substation shall supply power if conditions permit, that is, when the diesel generator set is used as emergency power supply, as long as the generator is put into use, it will have electricity to continue to ensure power supply.

3. In the fire state, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground, and the instinctive reaction of people to evacuate is to bend down or crawl forward, so local high illumination is more effective than uniform illumination brought by high-level installation. Therefore, low-position installation should be advocated, that is, evacuation emergency lighting should be provided near the ground or at ground height.

4. Emergency lights are discharged from the factory. They must be charged for 20 hours before use before discharging.

5. The emergency lamps in use should be regularly checked for performance, and pass the continuous switch test every half a month or one month to check the circuit conversion and the emergency function of the battery, and discharge to extend the battery life.

6, do a good job in the fire protection of power distribution lines, lay in the non-combustible structure when dark application, protective layer thickness is not less than 30mm; When exposed to the metal pipe, and brush fire retardant coating or other fire prevention measures outside the steel pipe; The line adopts fireproof cables or fire-resistant cables and wires.

Created on:2021年3月1日 14:53