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Fire Emergency Lights Knowledge Lecture Hall

Zhixiang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.    Fire Emergency Lights Knowledge Lecture Hall

fire emergency lightis a lighting tool in fire emergency. It is used to provide lighting for fire scene, fire rescue and personnel evacuation after a fire causes a power failure. The installation methods of fire emergency lights include portable installation, wall-mounted installation and hanging installation.

China's "Construction Regulations" have clear regulations on the scope of application and use time of fire emergency lighting. For example, fire emergency lamps need to be installed in stairwells, auditorium halls, some exhibition halls and good public evacuation walkways in basements. In addition, the new national standard stipulates that the system time of fire emergency lighting lamps should be greater than 90 minutes, and not less than the emergency lighting time marked on the lamps.


emergency lighting system, one is independent control of self-contained power supply, and the other is centralized control of centralized power supply. The working principle of the independent control type is that when the power supply is normal, the power supply system charges the backup battery of the emergency light. Once the normal power supply system fails, the backup battery of the emergency light, that is, the battery, will automatically supply power. There is no independent power supply in the centralized control type fire emergency lamp. When the normal power supply system fails, the centralized power supply system will supply power. At present, the first power supply mode is mainly used in our country, that is, the independent control type of self-contained power supply.


fire emergency lightwiring is divided into two-wire system and three-wire system. The two-wire system will only light up when the power is off, and will not work for the rest of the time. The three-wire system can be artificially controlled for normal lighting, and it will turn on immediately after the power is cut off, regardless of whether it is originally in the lighting state.

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